Oil & Gas Industry

Our drones offer a reliable and safe solution for oil and gas inspection. By using drones, you can reach difficult to access areas and reduce the cost of inspections. With our DJI Matrice 300RTK drones, you can be sure that your missions will be successful in wind, rain, or cold temperatures. Additionally, our drones are compatible with most digital asset management systems for in-depth data analysis.

Drones provide a safe and efficient way to inspect areas of industrial facilities that would otherwise be difficult or dangerous to reach.


Reduced Cost and Downtime

The aerial nature of drones allows inspections to be made through quickly captured photos, drastically decreasing the downtime of these assets. Images can be taken and evaluated off-site by the inspector and present a full report with pictures and simulations.

Increased Safety

The use of drones instead of regular inspectors reduces the risk of an on-site accident occurring due to the complex nature of offshore rigs, power facilities, and other aspects of the oil and gas network.